Max Bronstein | Performing
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I started playing trumpet when I was seven with my brothers, Joe (who played trombone) and Ben (who played baritone). We did everything together when we were that age, and I think if it wasn’t for them and the fun that we had together, I wouldn’t be a professional trumpet player today.


Instrumental music is a wonderful thing. It brings people together, allows an individual to have the capacity to convey highly complex emotions but most importantly, this music stimulates non verbal communication between people who may not normally feel confident to interact vocally. It holds great significance for people and everyone should have music in their lives one way or another. Performance has enabled me to become more confident as a person and I express my passion for developing other’s confidence and musical abilities through my work as a music teacher. 


From my time studying at the Royal Academy, I am inspired to continue to perform and create music, share my passion for instrumental music with those who are like minded and strive for high quality live performances, when the opportunity presents itself.


I have become very appreciative of how one can commit to working towards achieving a target (that is right for them) and I aim to encourage this mentality in my work. 


Hard work certainly pays off.

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

– Maurice Canter.

  • (2015 – present) Freelance
    Various choral societies across the UK
    • Mozart Symphony Orchestra 
  • (2010 – 2015) Freelance
    • Southern Sinfonia
    • Music for Awhile
    Orpheus Sinfonia
    Orion Orchestra
    Eboracum Baroque Orchestra
    Constella Ballet Orchestra
    Hampton Court Palace: Choral Foundation
    Various choral societies across the UK
  • (2014/15) Orchestra Training Schemes
    • Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment Experience Scheme
    • European Union Baroque Orchestra
  • (2010 – 15) Chamber Music
    • Trumpet and Organ
    Kensington Brass
    London Baroque Camerata
    Ramillies Brass Quintet
    London Collegiate Brass Ensemble
    National Youth Chamber Orchestra
  • (2010 – 14) Royal Academy of Music
    • Symphony Orchestra
    RAM/Julliard BBC Prom
    Manson Ensemble
    Haydn Symphonies Series
    Symphonic Brass
    Bach Cantata Series
    Rohm Music: Kyoto International Music Students Festival
    London Sinfonietta Side-by-side
    London Philharmonic Side-by-side