Max Bronstein | The Canary Boys
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The Canary Boys

Constella OperaBallet

The Canary Boys

The Canary Boys is a unique, collaborative project between Kent Mining Heritage CIC, Studio EvansLane, Constella OperaBallet and Media Trust, comprising:

  • A cutting edge travelling installation designed by leading architects from Studio Evans Lane, offering a unique celebration through which to voice the UK’s rich mining heritage.
  • The telling of a mining story through a specially commissioned immersive collaboration of music, dance, design and film from Constella OperaBallet and Media Trust, beginning with a virtual reality descent into a mine prior to the installation performance.
  • A full scale opera-ballet production by Constella touring in parallel to the installation, created from;
  • Creative, cross-generational workshops with young people in ex-mining communities, to preserve their stories for future generations.
  • A global reach digital platform for performance recordings, photographs, film and education.

The performances will take two forms:

  1. Short day time pieces performed within a travelling bespoke installation designed by architects StudioEvansLane placed in unusual locations throughout the country which will link intrinsically to 
  2. larger scale weekly performances in an underground or industrial setting, which will be on a longer timescale to develop the storyline begun in the installation 

The live installation performances created by Constella will combine with film created by Media Trust and video art displayed on a 3.9mm LED wall, making the installation a unique and thrilling experience. In the central installation area, a series of ten-minute viewings throughout the day will combine film with bespoke live performance. 20 people will be able to view the installation at a time, allowing up to 3,000 to experience it per week. Passing through an entrance lobby visitors will experience the mine through virtual immersive headsets before entering the central performance area. An exit lobby after the main performance space will allow them to debrief, obtain more information and further explore the issues raised by the performance. The 40 ft. demountable and transportable installation space will be wrapped in a lenticular covering; this will create a moving image, and give the installation an eye-catching exterior both in situ and in transit. 


Performance recordings and associated photographs, artefacts, film and interviews will be given a global reach via a specially designed digital platform.


April 24, 2016